Professional Diploma in Data Analytics

Become an Expert Data Analyst.

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    Program Curriculum

    A balanced Program Curriculum that can meet the learning needs of the children.

    After-class practice

    Additional practice that allows kids to self-explore and improve their ability to learn.

    Expert Teachers

    Coding gets increasingly complex. So, experienced teachers are a must.

    Doubt Clarification

    24X7 access to out mentors tend to make kids more motivated and enthusiastic about coding.

    Collaborating with friends

    Learning from friends will help kids unlearn many of the rigidities of schooling.

    Coding Competitions

    Competitions give kids a good chance to enhance their creative instincts & innovate.

    Our Data Analytics Master’s Program provides you with the skills and expertise necessary to become a Professional Data Analyst. During the data analytics program, you will receive training on Statistics, Exploratory Analysis, Probability, Data Visualization, Tableau, Regression Modelling, Advanced SAS Procedures, and many other tools and systems.

    The course curriculum was built with the job market in mind, after extensive research involving thousands of job descriptions. You will be ready to meet the needs and requirements of companies on completing this course. Do you want to become a professional data analyst? This course might be perfect for you. Take a look at the curriculum below.

    Course Highlights

    Live Online Preparation
    Flexible and user-friendly program
    Designed by industry experts
    One-time purchase for a lifetime access

    Programme Overview

    Key Highlights

    Comprehensive Program that Includes 10 Courses, self-paced and live classes.

    More than 200 Hours of Interactive Learning.

    Capstone Project.

    Free Elective Courses with Detailed Learning Path.

    The advantage of switching batches to suit your needs.

    Experts who dedicate their time to answering all your questions.

    Machine Learning, Data Mining, Decision Trees, Statistics, Python Libraries, Scala, MLlib, Spark Streaming, RDDs, K-Means Clustering, and 22 More Skills.

    Lifetime Access to all our presentations, installation guides, quizzes, etc. Refer them anytime you want to.


    We strive to deliver the best-in-class learning material prepared by leading faculty and industry leaders.

    Free Elective Courses Included in the Learning Path

    Qlikview Certification Training

    SAS Training and Certification

    Advanced MS Excel 2010

    R Programming Certification Training

    Analytics for Retail Banks

    Decision Tree Modeling Using R

    Machine Learning with Mahout Certification Training

    Top Courses You Will Learn

    Statistics Essentials for Analytics, Data Analytics with R Certification Training, Tableau Certification Training Course, Microsoft Power BI Certification Training Course, AWS S3, Data Visualization, Advanced SAS Procedures, Probability, Statistics, Exploratory Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Tableau, Regression Data Manipulation, Modelling, Data Mining, etc.

    Who Is This Programme For?

    Are an experienced professional working in the IT industry, or an aspirant planning to enter the world of Data Analytics. This Program is designed and developed to accommodate various professional backgrounds.

    Job Opportunities

    There will be nearly 1.2 million career opportunities for analysts who can leverage data analysis and modelling techniques in the coming years.

    Salary Trend

    There is a huge demand for professionals skilled in managing, organizing, analyzing and helping organizations use data. estimates the average base salary of Data Analysts at $61,822/year. This figure is bound to grow with increasing experience.

    Smartlabz about info.

    Taksha Smartlabz: Your One-Stop Solution to Career Growth. With several years of collective experience delivering distance and blended learning programs, Taksha Smartlabz is committed to providing the best online education to students and working professionals worldwide. Our courses help you save time, money, and frustration. Our courses also improve the outcomes and efficiencies of your dream of higher education.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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