Online Coding

Teach your children how to code with this activity-based course.

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    Program Curriculum

    A balanced Program Curriculum that can meet the learning needs of the children.

    After-class practice

    Additional practice that allows kids to self-explore and improve their ability to learn.

    Expert Teachers

    Coding gets increasingly complex. So, experienced teachers are a must.

    Doubt Clarification

    24X7 access to out mentors tend to make kids more motivated and enthusiastic about coding.

    Collaborating with friends

    Learning from friends will help kids unlearn many of the rigidities of schooling.

    Coding Competitions

    Competitions give kids a good chance to enhance their creative instincts & innovate.

    Become an expert, full-stack developer. Enroll, master the skills, create an impressive portfolio, and kickstart a successful career. All you need is a laptop/PC, an internet connection, and a desire to become a developer. If you have all the above, especially the desire to succeed, this course might be perfect for you. Take a look at the curriculum below.

    Course Highlights

    Extended access to the program even after completion.
    Learn from Anywhere, Anytime.
    Live Sessions, Project Work, and self-paced lessons.
    Industry Recognized Certification

    Programme Overview

    Key Highlights

    Industry Recognized Certification

    Hundreds of hours of learning comprising more than 9 languages and tools.

    Project guided by industry experts.

    Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript and much more.

    Courses with Detailed Learning Path.

    Build real-world web applications by the end of the program.

    Live code-along sessions with our expert mentors.

    Expert mentorship and guidance 7 days a week.


    We strive to deliver the best-in-class learning material prepared by leading faculty and industry leaders.

    Top Subjects You Will Learn

    During the Online Coding course, students will gain in-depth knowledge about Web Development, Python, Artificial Intelligence. Students will also get to work on real-world projects to gain experience.

    Who is this program for?

    Taksha Smartlabz’s Online Coding program would suit any kid between the age of 10 and 16 years.

    Why Teach Kids to Code?

    Coding is not just for people that are looking to pursue a computer science career. In the coming years, coding will prove helpful in almost all avenues of life. It will also be a life-long advantage if you can code. So, why not teach kids to code?

    Minimum Eligibility

    All you need is a curiosity to learn and be in the required age group.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

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